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5 Days in England to Remembered Throughout Age

5 Days in England to Remembered Throughout Age

5 Days in England to Remembered Throughout Age

Liverpool – From just a dream long dormant until it became a reality. What is undertaken by the winner of “Garuda Indonesia-Liverpool FC Video Contest” will be an unforgettable experience.

Love of Liverpool finally bring three teams, each team containing two people to the UK. They are Johan Eka Firman-Satria Anindito, Sherlya Nadhiva-Rifki Hisham, and Achmad Ridwan-Dawn Matasa Ikbar. Sixth left for England after winning a video contest held by Garuda Indonesia in December last. They left for England on Monday (02/09/2015) pm dawn and arrived in London on Monday afternoon local time.

The main prize of the “Garuda Indonesia-Liverpool FC Video Contest” is the direct witness of the Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield on Tuesday (02/10/2015) then, the ending with a score of 3-2 for the home team victory.

For Liverpool fans in Indonesia, can watch directly at Anfield is a dream come true. It’s not just about the distance, time constraints, or the high cost to the UK. However, this is about a rare opportunity that comes right in front of us.

“Money can be found, we can save money to go to England. But, it does not guarantee that we will be able to watch live Premier League matches,” said Satrio to detikSport, which accompanies their journey.

What is said is true Satrio. Getting tickets for Premier League matches is not the easy thing. Most of the seats in the stadium has been allotted season ticket holders. Additionally, ticket sales are also given priority to the official supporters club members.

If you watch yourself, which can be expected the wait touts outside the stadium before the match begins or sudden ticket holders who sell tickets. Usually we have to pay much more expensive than the official price to obtain the tickets of this kind. If you’re unlucky, you pay is a counterfeit ticket. This is very common.

“At that time there were fans from Malaysia or Singapore are far to come to England to watch Liverpool, but not hold a ticket. He then offered tickets at higher prices by someone outside the stadium. They eventually bought the ticket, but when it will enter the stadium officers expressed their tickets false, “Jubi story Prasetyo, General Manager of Garuda Indonesia to the United Kingdom and Ireland region, Thursday (12/2) night.

“Seeing they had come all the way, the Liverpool finally provides official tickets they could buy. They were finally able to watch,” said Jubi.

With such a situation, the opportunity to watch live at Anfield given by Garuda Indonesia to the winners of “Garuda Indonesia-Liverpool FC Video Contest” really valuable. The winners also feel their dream has been realized. Satrio even moved several times, both when the group entered the city of Liverpool and on arriving at Anfield for the first time.

However, given by Garuda Indonesia to the winners was not merely the opportunity to watch live match Liverpool vs. Tottenham. Some rare moment, and maybe once in a lifetime, can be enjoyed by the winners.

Just imagine, they can go to Anfield Legends Lounge, an exclusive place that is only accessible by certain people just ahead of the game. Here they get a special feast of the Liverpool. In addition, they can meet with the Reds legend, Ian Rush, The Legends Lounge is. Over the special again, they were given the opportunity to take pictures along with background Rush Anfield pitch. An unexpected moments are very impressive.

When returning from the stadium to the hotel where to stay, the winners also delivered with a special vehicle. Bus Liverpool. Buses are equipped with wah it is usually used to deliver Steven Gerrard and his friends to and fro. Now the winners have to feel how it feels to ride the bus.